Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Knitted baby clothes - 59 of 366 creative days

59/366 - Baby knitted cloths
This is fifty ninth day of 366 creative days.
Knitted baby clothes that I've made for my daughter and some of my friends' babies as a Christmas gifts many years ago.

a - Materials

          1 - Wool thread
          2 - Cotton thread
b - Tools

          1 - Knitting hooks
          2 - Crochet Hooks

c - Techniques
          1 - Standard knitting models found in books or imaginations (the shapes)
d - End result

Baby girl dress vest

Baby girl flowers crochet vest

Geometric figures zipper knitted cardigan

Baby knitted boots

Baby knitted hat and mittens

Baby girl knitted dress

Baby boy knitted vest

    Thank you for your support!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Paper cuts "painting" - 58 of 366 creative days

58/366 Paper cuts "painting"

This is  fifty eight day of 366 creative days. Is actually done about 9 years ago, trying to post all the things worth remembering. This picture is the starting point of my desire for crafting.

a - Materials
b - Tools
c - Techniques
d - End result
e- Other info

a - Materials

          1 - News paper/magazines
          2 - Plain wrapping paper for the background
b - Tools

          1 - Scissors
          2 - Paper glue
          3 - Pencil

c - Techniques
          1 - Cut the paper in triangle shapes by color groups
          2 - Draw the shape you want to cover, roughly
          3 - Glue the pieces together based on color choice

d - End result

f - Other info

- this is not a tutorial, was posted to help me remember some things and to keep track on "366 creative days" project.

    Thank you for your support!

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