Monday, 14 December 2015

Paper cuts "painting" - 58 of 366 creative days

58/366 Paper cuts "painting"

This is  fifty eight day of 366 creative days. Is actually done about 9 years ago, trying to post all the things worth remembering. This picture is the starting point of my desire for crafting.

a - Materials
b - Tools
c - Techniques
d - End result
e- Other info

a - Materials

          1 - News paper/magazines
          2 - Plain wrapping paper for the background
b - Tools

          1 - Scissors
          2 - Paper glue
          3 - Pencil

c - Techniques
          1 - Cut the paper in triangle shapes by color groups
          2 - Draw the shape you want to cover, roughly
          3 - Glue the pieces together based on color choice

d - End result

f - Other info

- this is not a tutorial, was posted to help me remember some things and to keep track on "366 creative days" project.

    Thank you for your support!

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