Thursday, 28 April 2016

Acrilic and grey polymer clay color mix - 64 of 366 creative days

64/366 - Color mix polymer clay

For the 64 of the 366 creative days I have a mix if Super Sculpey firm polymer clay that I mixed with acrylic paint color, slightly excessively.


1 - Super Sculpey Firm
2 - Acrylic color tubes

b - Tools

1 - pasta machine

c - Techniques

 1 - Mix a small quantity of acrylic paint with polymer clay

Color mix - adding the color to polymer clay
Color mix - adding the color to polymer clay

Color mix - mapping the colors
Color mix - mapping the colors

d - End result

Vertical is the mix with the above.
Horizontal is the mix with extra shade of white.

Color mix - extra shade of white to the base colors
Color mix - extra shade of white to the base colors

The quantity of acrylic added, made the polymer clay a bit brittle, so I added a bit of Premo for mold making. Because of the grey, the color are not very bright, but with a bit of earthy look.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Jade beads and pendants - 63 of 366 creative days

63/166  - Fake jade

For the twenty eighth day of 366 creative days I have posted a fake jade attempt of a pendant made of noodles and beads, along with a some other tests. Gives a bit of Maya jewelry impression.

Fake jade polymer clay Mayan pendants
Fake jade polymer clay Mayan pendants


1 - 1 x 104 + 1 x 404 + 1/2 x 504 transparent Fimo polymer clay for light green
2 -  1 x 104 + 1x 404 + 1/2 x 374 transparent Fimo polymer clay for mustard olive
3 -  1 x 80 + a pinch of 43
4 - sand (mix of dark and white)
5 - liquid Kato polymer clay
6 - cinnamon powder, tiny sticks, various other "dirt that might look interesting in the jade
7 - 1 x 50 + 1 x 10 polymer clay
8 - 1 x 50 + a pinch of white

b - Tools

1 - roller
2 - pasta machine
3 - extrude gun
4 - molds and stamps
5 - brush

c - Techniques

 1 - Mix the colors together separate by shade by using a pasta machine
 2 - Chop the blended (1, 2) polymer clay into small bits and pieces and mix it with some sand, cinnamon and other "dirt"
3 - Mix 3 with a bit of sand for making the base for the pendant, then flatten it at a 2 mm thickness
4 - Make the bead and pendant shapes and stamp them with various designs
5 - Leftover jade extrude with a polymer clay extruder, same for 7 and 8, will fasten the process.
6 - Thin a bit more the "noodles" using your finger
7 - Brush the base using a brush with liquid Kato polymer clay, and start arranging the polymer clay jade noodles using your imagination.
8 - Bake as described on package (110 C) on a piece of baking paper

Fake jade polymer clay beads
Fake jade polymer clay beads
d - End result

I'm trying to find the pendant for some time, somehow, it got lost when I changed flats along with another necklace.
I really loved the pendant, after baking, the polymer clay become slightly transparent and give a very interesting touch along with non transparent colored clay.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Lahmacun and pockets recipes for diet - 62 of 366 creative days

62/366 - Lahmancun and pockets

For the 62 of the 366 creative days I tried to reinvent Lahmacun at home, based on a taste I remembered. Also tried some spring pockets with same type of filling.

a - Materials

 1 - Bread dough or Armenian pitta or frozen flat pastry
 2 - Mix of 50/50 lamb with beef, 20% fat, minced
 3 - Lots of chopped parsley, 1/3 of meat
 4 - Chopped onion, 50% of meat
 5 - Chopped tomatoe, 1/4 of meat
 6 - Garlic (my personal touch), 1-2 cloves for taste
 7 - Salt, paper for taste
 8 - Some oil for greasing the pan and the dough
 9 - Chilly flakes for adding later when you eat (same can be added in the mix as well, 1/2 tsp)
 10 - Ayran yogurt, for putting down the fire

b - Tools

1 - Bowl for mixing
2 - Greased tray and covered with baking paper
3 - Toothpicks
4 - Rolling pin or glass bottle      

c - Techniques
     Mix all ingredients together in the bowl.
  Use a rolling pin  to spread the dough as thin as possible, 2-5 mm.
  Grease the dough with some oil.
  For the lahmacun - "sprinkle" the mix all over into a thin layer
  For the pockets - cut the dough in even 7- 10 cm squares and place a tbsp of mix in the middle.
Bring the corners together and place a toothpick to keep them together
Bake in over at 200 C, separately.

d - End result

Home made Lahmancun - lamb and beef
Home made Lahmancun

Home made pockets with lamb and beef mix
It ended up being good but the pockets were a bit dry, needed more oil.
Lahmacum is a very light food, diet dish, like a pizza but without all the fat. If the layer of dough is thin, no worries about carbs either.
I will experiment some more and update the recipe until I will reach the perfect taste.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ebony and beads refurbished jewelry - 61 of 366 creative days

61/366 Rearranged old jewelry

For the 61 of 366 creative days I have refurbished some old jewelry.


1 - Old ebony necklace, old plastic bracelet
2 - Ribbon
3 - Beads
4 - Metal square for the pendant
5- Thread

b - Tools

1 - Scissors
2 - Needle
3 - Saw (for sawing some of the big beads)
4 - Pliers
5 - Glue

c - Techniques

           1 - Each line of small beads are done one by one, not loom, spin around the metal plate (that was covered previously in ribbon. when done, glue a big piece of  dotted brown ribbon on the back so the tread wont be visible.

d - End result

Abanos necklace
Abanos necklace

Beaded pendant with ribbon and big plastic focal beads
Beaded pendant with ribbon and big plastic focal beads
I enjoyed doing them, gave them as gift to my friends.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Earrings and bracelet crochet jewelry - 60 of 366 creative days

60/366 - Crochet jewelry

This is sixty day of 366 creative days.
A pair of earring and a flower bracelet from silk and a cotton crochet flower bracelet I've done in a trip to visit my family and friends 3 years ago.

a - Materials

- Silk thread
- Glass beads
- Silvery thread
- Silver earring hook
- Plastic circles (the ones used for curtains or bra's)

b - Tools
- Crochet

c - Techniques
For the earrings - simple step
For flower bracelet - simple step, chain for petals, simple step on chain

d - End result

Crochet silk earrings
Crochet silk earrings

Crochet cotton flower bracelet
Crochet flower cotton bracelet

Crochet cotton flower bracelet for girls
Crochet cotton flower bracelet for girls

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