Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Earrings and bracelet crochet jewelry - 60 of 366 creative days

60/366 - Crochet jewelry

This is sixty day of 366 creative days.
A pair of earring and a flower bracelet from silk and a cotton crochet flower bracelet I've done in a trip to visit my family and friends 3 years ago.

a - Materials

- Silk thread
- Glass beads
- Silvery thread
- Silver earring hook
- Plastic circles (the ones used for curtains or bra's)

b - Tools
- Crochet

c - Techniques
For the earrings - simple step
For flower bracelet - simple step, chain for petals, simple step on chain

d - End result

Crochet silk earrings
Crochet silk earrings

Crochet cotton flower bracelet
Crochet flower cotton bracelet

Crochet cotton flower bracelet for girls
Crochet cotton flower bracelet for girls

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