Thursday, 15 September 2011

Orange jelly hearts - 57 of 366 creative days


   For the fifty seventh of 366 creative days I have done something for the stomach again.
   Orange jelly hearts diet recipe(diet sweets, oh yah!):
     - juice from 6 oranges
     - 3-4 spoons of sweetener( it needed to be diet, right)
     - 3 bags of gelatin powder
     - 1/2 teaspoon orange coloring( I didn't have orange so I used yellow and fuchsia- this is a hard name for strong pink; and some other color if you like to do a mix)

  Place the orange juice and sweetener in a pan and add to boil(if you have saccharin, put it after you remove from fire and got a bit colder)  1-2 minutes, then remove from fire and add the gelatin stirring continuously until it melts.
 Separate in different bowls if you want different colors and add the coloring. Pour into heart shapes or what shapes you desire and place it on refrigerator for an hour or until it gets hard and cold. Remove, ornate, eat.
 Here is the picture that inspired me(by inspire I mean made me crave orange jelly hearts sweets). Thanks to Sanyu for creating that palette for me(it really makes a statement) and the pattern template and novrain62 for being inspired to use the template and that palettes to color it!


   Thank you and forgive me I didn't have a green plate :D (grin)!

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