Monday, 6 June 2016

Polymer clay beads experiments - 71 of 366 creative days

71/366 Polymer clay beads
Several types of experiments and results of previous experiments.

a - Materials

  1. Polymer clay white
  2. Leftovers from making faux turquoise 
  3. Transparent white

b - Tools

  1.  Hands

c - Techniques

  1. Make a white bead
  2. Chop the leftovers into small pieces and mix with small chopped pieces of transparent white
  3. Roll the white bead into one direction trough the chopped pieces, not too many.
  4. Roll and press using your hands until the ball is perfect round.

d - End result

White polymer clay bead with faux turquoise leftovers

Faux cinnabar from polymer clay

Carved and stamped polymer clay beads

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