Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hand made texture stamps - 70 of 366 creative days

70/366 Hand made texture stamps in polymer clay or wax or rubber

a - Materials

  1. Polymer clay
  2. Wax
  3. Rubber
  4. Dried or fresh plants

b - Tools

  1.  Sculpting tools for soft materials (can also use:needles, toothpicks, nails, etc)
  2.  Sculpting tools for harder materials (chisels with gouge)
  3. Rolling pin

c - Techniques

  1. For polymer clay use round ball tools and just draw what you have in mind, be patient and clean the scraps with a soft brush often.
  2. If you want to make a specific design from a  digital version, 
    1. Print the design on a piece of paper and then copy it using a toner copier  
    2. Place it face down on the polymer clay, 
    3. Dab the back of the paper with a piece of cotton that was previously dampen in alcohol
    4. Remove the paper
  3. For drawing on wax, print the design and use carbon copy paper, same for rubber or wood.
  4. For soft materials like clay, use also plants (dried or soft) and "sunk" them into the clay using the rolling pin, or place the plant on the table and roll the clay over it with the roller.

d - End result

Polymer clay texture free hand

Polymer clay and fresh flowers texture plate

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