Saturday, 30 July 2011

Color mix -teal - 10 of 366 creative days

This is tenth day of 366 creative days.

a - Materials
b - Tools
c - Techniques
d - End result
e - Used for
f - Other info

a - Materials

1 -1x10(lemon)+1x37(pacific blue)
2 - 2x16(sun flower)+a pinch of 37(pacific blue)
3 -Pos 2+ 2x0(white)
4 -1x75(chocolate)
5 -1x26(cherry red) - would be nice some dark red, like 23(Bordeaux)
6 -1x11(gold)
7 - 3x37(pacific blue)+1x16(sun flower)+1/4x9(black)
8 - 1x37(pacific blue)+a pinch of 16(sun flower)
9 - 1x37(pacific blue)+2x0(white)+1/8x16(sun flower)
10 - 3x0(white)+1xPos 1
11 - Pos 3 +2x0(white)+1x16(sun flower)
12 - 1x16(sun flower)
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b - Tools

1 - Eyes and hands

e - Used for
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      Will be added later

f - Other info
- colors are not cured, they will go darker, specially the red(or at least I hope it will)
- I know that red/pinkish color is not the best but may look good, I added it for fun, first option was to use 1+2+6 and some gold leaf
- Inspiration for first was a sequence in the Nanny McPhee movie(no, that red wasn't there, for second was a Ceratosoma
- this is not a tutorial, was posted to help me remember some things and to keep track on "366 creative days" project.
Thank you!
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