Wednesday, 20 July 2011

No more planning

Enough with the planning, too many ideas. It's time to do something!

Diana's macro flowers - a set I organized a posted(actually one of the plans I got to the end) for the mother's day)

tux ro 600x600 jpg
Romanian flag Tux penguin
Christmas tux
Santa Tux penguin

A project that started with Tux with Romanian flag and died with the Christmas Tux.

I also wanted to post every years Cyprus Lemessos Carnival Parade, but I found out that I need to pay to post more pictures so I stopped with the 2008 set. I still have the 2009 prepared, few pictures with 2010, and 2011 as well, maybe...

Started a site as well, but same problem, can't pull myself together to write regularly.
Other plans: working in photoshop, illustrator, using a graphic tablet, learn properly how to draw, make jewelry, write some diet recipes that actually taste good.
Unfortunately is nobody to push me to do all that, like my mother used me to. yes, I blame my parents for almost all my negatives and on genetics  for all my positives.

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