Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Water ball and flower made with Adobe Illustrator

   Look what I found in a folder somewhere. Is from the time I was trying to do a website for someone(that I didn't finished) and needed a water drop made in illustrator.

Ball made with Illustrator

   Of course no tutorial over the internet so I made one looking at someone elses trying to figure out how. Wasn't easy at all but...And of course, I think I lost the .ai file so now if I want to make another one I need to start it all over, but I think I wrote some steps on a notebook somewhere.

   Also found a flower that I made inspired by a real one that I had between the sheets of a book, very old flower, looked like the one in the picture, but more brownish. Was a cactus flower and had some little dots on it that I left aside.

Transparent Flower made with IllustratorWhite background

   The petals are transparent and I have the original .ai file so I can see the steps in case I want to do something similar. Is been so long I think I forgot even the tools.
   I wonder if I can use this shadow effect in polymer clay and so something similar, just for the kicks...

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