Friday, 12 August 2011

Mixing colors for Fire element - 23 of 366 creative days


Today I mixed around 20 combination of yellow red and orange, I will post a picture after baking them.

   Colors are nice, but mixing Fimo with Sculpey studio was a bad idea, they become very very soft and sticky. I still like Fimo's colors better, they are more vivid after baking compared to Sculpey Studio and they are similar tints.

   I used: 
 - Effect: 104(yellow), 204(red), 404(orange), 112(gold), 202(red)
 - Classic: 15(golden yellow), 2(red), 23(bordeaux)
 - Soft: 16(sun flower)

Sculpey Studio:
 - 6210(poppy), 6440(clementine), 6431(lemon drop), 6434(sunny side up)

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