Thursday, 18 August 2011

Polymer clay surprise earrings - 29 of 366 creative days


  In the twenty ninth day of 366 creative days I finally finished my polymer clay "surprise" earrings I started in the fourteenth day with the polymer clay disk earrings.

PMC copper teal earrings
  They look very earthy colored on one side, imitating copper with a texture like those genuine copper vases you find in the old bazaars, like is beaten with a hammer, with a kumihimo thread I have done two days ago with similar colors. The surprise come from the vivid colors underneath, with a sand rock texture, those that you can only see when they are moving following the head direction, showing only a glimpse of  the colors underneath.

Polymer clay "surprise" earrings

  Another surprise come from the way I made them so you can wear them on one side or the other, or even as I showed them on the photos here(not the best quality again, but I tried).

The color mix recipes can be found here:

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