Thursday, 19 May 2016

DIY Home made photo booth - 67 of 366 creative days

67/366 - DIY home made photo booth

  If you don't have money to buy a photo booth for you jewelry, just look around your house, you can always find spare part to help you build a photo booth like: wire, boxes (cardboard, plastic, metal if you are hard core), paper, tape.
  All you need is a bit of imagination. So see what I did when my drying rack broke several years ago (about 4)

a - Materials

  1. Hard wire
  2. Soft wire (tape can be used instead, but will make everything less sturdy
  3. Light bulbs the higher the better, I had 120 W output, but could have been much better
  4. Tape
  5. Wax paper, or cooking parchment, white
  6. White paper
  7. Aluminium foil

b - Tools

  1. Pliers
  2. Wire cutters

c - Techniques
           1 - Make from one wire a square and the leg of height of the box and repeat so you can have 2 pieces. Leave at the end a 2-3 cm to be able to bend and will be used for link the pieces between themselves.

Top and bottom of the wire skeleton of the  photo booth
Wire joints for linking the squares for top and bottom

            2 - Link the top and bottom together using the bent end wires. use thinner wire or extra wire for the 2 other legs that are missing.

Wire joints for linking the top and bottom

Top and bottom of the skeleton photo booth put together
            4 - Add paper all around and use tape to stick it together
            5 - Use another wire to build a big circle and a small circle( that worked for my type of lamp).
Cover the big circle with aluminium foil (used for wrapping and secure it with a tape)

d - End result

You will need to find ways of figuring out of putting together based on whatever you have. The bottom line is to have all the joints secure enough. The objects you will use will not be too heavy, but is good that entire photo booth to be good enough so you wont need to patch every photo shoot.

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