Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hand made recycling cookie cutters - 69 of 366 creative days

69/366 - Hand made cookie cutters from recycled aluminium cans

Cookie cutters from aluminium soda cans. Cat shape. The site is about as tall as 2 coins of 10 or half of index finger. The example below is cut polymer clay.

a - Materials

  1. Aluminium cans
  2. 2 mix Glue

b - Tools

  1. Scissors
  2. Straight pliers
  3. Round pliers

c - Techniques

  1. Draw your design on a piece of paper at the scale you need it
  2. Cut the bottom of the can using a knife.
  3. Cut 3 cm width strips
  4. Bend few millimeters at the top twice, so it will make it more sturdy.
  5. Bend to match the shape you drew at the beginning using the pliers, make sure you leave some few mm for overlapping and gluing. as well, the binding area should be on a straight side, never at a corner or deep bend, will be easier to glue them together.

d - End result

I will post pictures with he steps when I will try to repeat the process. I found a nice way of doing even more complex cutters by plunging them in polymer clay and baking it after. You can find this technique and few others saved in DIY tools on Pinterest.

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