Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Polymer clay purple and pink color mix - 66 of 366 creative days

66/366 - Color mix for flowers and more

The mix is done regardless of company and turned out pretty well.
It goes well specially when you want to soften FIMO hardness.
Studio Sculpey is a very soft clay that goes softer with hand heat(specially if you have warm hands by default). Studio and PREMO Sculpey seems to remain soft over the years compared to FIMO classic.
So please see below the color mix that I played with (that's why the random combos), was a lot of fun and element of surprise.

a - Materials

  1. Premo Sculpey Accents Pearl - 5101 
    Premo Accents Pearl
  2. Premo Sculpey Accents Magenta Pearl 2029 - the light pink that was used for this experiment was discontinued in 2015(can be mixed from 8 parts Premo Accents Pearl 5101 + 1 part Premo Fuchsia 5504), the 2016 version is a strong pink. 
    Premo Accents Magenta Pearl
  3. Premo Sculpey Accents Bright Green Pearl 5035 
    Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl
  4. Premo Sculpey Accents Purple Pearl 5031 
    Premo Accents Purple Pearl
  5. Premo Sculpey Accents Blue Pearl 5289 - was discontinued, can be mixed from 6 parts Premo Navy Blue 5010 + 1 part Premo Accents Pearl 5101 + 1 part Premo White 5001 + 1/8 part Premo Accents Cadmium Yellow 5572 
    Premo Accents Blue Pearl
  6. Premo Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl 5038 
    Premo Accents Peacock Pearl
  7. Studio Sculpey Antique Gold 6894
    Studio Sculpey Antique Gold
  8. Fimo Effect Metallic Gold 11 
    Fimo Effect Gold
  9. Fimo Effect Metallic Copper 27 
    Fimo Effect Copper

Very useful Premo chart with discontinued colors with formulas.

b - Tools

           1 - Hands or pasta machine

c - Techniques

           1 - Mix equal amounts from the above colors

d - End result
Color Premo Pearl color mix
Color Premo Accents Sculpey Fimo metallic pearl Mix Chart

The picture shows the colors very close to reality. I love earthy colors and all those combinations please me.

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