Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cane design from patterns - 50 of 366 creative days


  I celebrate the fifty day of 366 creative days by doing a floral cane design.
  For this I used pieces from 4 pattern templates and one of my palettes. My favorite is the second. I know that making this into a polymer clay cane is very very hard work, but I am ready!

Cane flower design version 1

Cane flower design version 2

Cane flower design version 3
  I have placed them on white and black background. As you  know, the white make the colors more vivid, and all the details contrast better so I think I will choose the white background floral canes designs. Also, all the petals and leafs will have gradients and a bit more details: dots, stripes, etc.

The credits for the pattern templates belong to:!

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